Pick a theme, write down 10 ideas on it, 20 ideas if you can’t do 10, shitty ones, really shitty ones.

Example Themes:

-10 ways I could build the coolest gas station/convenience store: gas attendants in tuxedos etc.
-10 articles I could write
-10 podcasts I would start
-10 new things I want to learn
-10 new workouts I want to try
-10 new foods I want to cook
-10 new business ideas
-10 new ideas for my favorite local coffee shop

This has been popularized by James Altucher after the book on creativity was launched by Mikhaly Czihaleyzxy (can’t spell his name) and it truly transforms your life. He showed people have been doing this since the 1800’s.

It’s not about the ideas, but the actual practice itself of coming up with ideas because then when you need ideas it’s so much easier! You suddenly become an ‘idea machine’ as James would say.

Need money because you lost your job? You’ll have ideas.

Business is slow? You’ll have ideas.

Wife/husband is mad that you haven’t paid attention to them lately? You’ll have creative ideas on how to WOW them.

It takes 90-180 days, but soon you’ll be impressed by just how many ideas run through your head everyday. You’ll be at the store browsing and suddenly BOOM! Idea heaven. You run into a problem: shitty gas stations, horrific internet connection and you soon find yourself no longer bitching, but welcoming problems with creative idea solutions.

Write those dang ideas. Everyday. No matter what.

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