What are your rules?

It can be too easy to say yes to too many things, to start many projects, and then lose sight of what you were aiming to achieve in the first place.

There’s so much advice on ‘saying no’ in today’s world, but I figured I would keep it as simple as possible. Make up your own rules for what a project must include for you to accept, so that when someone pitches you or you even when evaluating your own ideas you know whether it fits within your framework or not.

Here are mine:
-I need to grow/learn from it even if it ‘fails’

-I have to be infinitely excited about it

-It has to allow me to connect to interesting, eccentric people whom I admire.

-It allows me to be creative (create new products, produce meaningful content, or be creative in some capacity)

-It inspires me to go in other directions eventually, meaning this project leads to other interesting projects. Of course you don’t know this at the start, but you have the inclination it has at least the possibility.

-It’s truly one of a kind, you can’t find anything in the world remotely like what we’re doing. If it requires more than a sentence to explain, it doesn’t fit the criteria.

-Potential of 20x returns, no small ‘cap’ on the project’s potential. Not thinking $5,000 a month, but $50-100,000 a month. (If it’s a financial project, which usually helps even if it’s not the end goal to help fund whatever I’m trying to do). Not 5,000 people but 50,000 people etc.. Of course not at the start, but there’s nothing stopping the project from going mass scale eventually.

-It involves some ‘earth-shattering’ goal that seems quite impossible/unlikely at the time.

-It still allows me some semblance of ‘free-time’ to take care of myself (health).

-I have to work with people that I can learn from.

-It has to be of the highest quality. I don’t want to be in something to be the cheapest or most convenient, I prefer quality over all.

Of course these rules can change, and I can override them if it’s something that truly lights me up that I NEED to be apart of, but in those cases I really consider all angles, visiting these rules multiple times before accepting the initial impression of the ‘yes’ that comes to mind.

What are your rules for saying yes?

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