Negative Role Models, We Need Em’

Here’s a crappy fact: you know the person in your life right now who you feel brings you down, you’re counting down the days until eventually you’re free from them and then once and for all everything will be just grand?

Sorry…that position is then filled by the next person in line. There are applications a mile deep for this irritating person in your life and will exist for eternity.

But wait! It’s not all negative, we NEED those people in our lives!

Just as having an ideal role model(s) in your life to emulate, to use as the ruler in which to measure your improvement. We need people in which NOT to emulate, people who we look at and say I DESPISE that behavior (not the person) and I must make sure I never act in that way.

These people are just as, if not MORE important than the ideal people. Often, subtraction (what not to do) is more helpful in improving your life than addition (what to do).

Of course, don’t spend unnecessary time with these people, but don’t despise being around them, as you’ll look back one day and realize they were some of your greatest teachers.

Negative role models, positive role models. We need em’ both.

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