The Discipline of Curiosity

Curiosity begets curiosity so therefore you have to inject it into your daily life.

Finding a new route to work. Shopping at a different grocery store. Going vegan for a week. Eating only meat for another week. Listening to a different podcast than usual. Hopping on a local bus and allowing it to take you wherever for a few hours. Taking the train to a local museum for the day, walking the streets in your nearest city & letting your nose find you some delicious food, or signing up for a class on the weekend to learn something new.

Novelty, not repetition is what breeds this curiosity.

How are you going to ‘schedule’ curiosity in your daily life? What new store will you visit, what new book will you pick up, what new park will you walk, what new museum will you explore?

Curiosity begets curiosity, it’s your job to get the engine started and once it’s started, watch out, you’ll be living in a new world. Who knows where you’ll be 6 months, let alone a year from now!!

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