Avoid Middle(ism)

The middle teaches us nothing, the middle isn’t worthy of us, the middle never changes history.

As Kevin Kelly would say “Equilibrium is death. Seek constant dis-equilibrium.”

So how do you do that in everyday life?

1.Go super Amish (no tech) then crazy high-tech (virtual reality, phone, 24/7) and avoid the middle of half-on, half-off all the time.

2. Go vegan, then only meat.

3. Live poor (outside, rice & beans) then rent an AirBnB in a mansion.

4.Be super social, then a total hermit.

5.Travel for a year, then stay home for a year.

6.Track everything in your life (diet, exercise, sleep, weight, income, heart rate, blood sugar, hours on phone etc) then track nothing.

7.Live in Manhattan then live in Wyoming.

8.Be obsessed with money and totally focused on material possessions then live like a Stoic.

9.Be super healthy (diet, exercise, vitamins, sauna, sleep, etc) then not care at all.

10.Work on wall street, then work on a farm.

11.Be a total intellectual, reading the great works of literature then focus entirely on the physical (weightlifting, sprinting, jiu-jitsu, boxing)

12.Say yes to everything, then say no to everything.

13.Spend all your free time on social media and learning how the youth interacts, then spend time all your free time reading and using no social media.

14.Meet a ton of new people every week, then meet no new people.

15.Start a club with prostitutes and meet every week, then start a club with priests/churchgoers and meet with them every week.

16.Read crazy liberal books, then crazy right-wing books

Most of us live in the middle, rarely exploring the edges of both sides, but paradoxically by exploring both edges, suddenly we get to see the truth a little more clearly, because it typically lies in the middle of these two, but we never truly get there when we just dabble in the middle, always leaning a little one way whether political, social, experimental, familial or otherwise, and never fully tasting both sides.

Experience both sides & avoid (dis-equilibrium) knowing that equilibrium is death itself.

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