launch, start, begin…NOW

You have this cool idea, this exciting thought and you tell yourself you’ll get to work on it very soon, NO!

Prototype NOW.

Leave work, school, or wherever you are, go home for the day, and call your most creative friends, if you have no creative friends then go on the internet and start searching what you need to know! (and second, find a few new friends).

The longer we wait to start something, the more the inspiration leaves us and as each hour passes, as each day goes to the next, the chances of us starting this project waver on the percentage of ZERO.

You have to start as soon as possible, and push really hard to LAUNCH and BEGIN because the secret to all success is two words: A LOT.

A lot meaning, you have to do a lot in order to succeed, there’s so much accident/randomness in our world so the only way to really come out on the other side wildly successful is to launch, launch, launch, and then LAUNCH some more and eventually you’ll strike a cord with some group, reaching your success….and it’ll always be the least expected project that takes off. The one you never thought would, it doesn’t seem as if it’s a ‘big idea’ until everyone around you is ensconced in it’s uniqueness!

Don’t be productive, start a lot of projects, inject novelty, screw around a lot and don’t be afraid of the idea of launching, worrying how people will perceive a given thing. 99% of it will totally suck, it’ll be horrid work, but 1% is all you need.

Get to quality through quantity.

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