Monkey’s & Bananas or Challenging All Assumptions

There is a real experiment where there are five monkeys in a room, and there is a basket of bananas at the top of a ladder, the monkeys, of course, want to climb the ladder to get the bananas but every time they try they get sprayed with water, and the monkeys learn not to try to climb the ladder. Then they replace one monkey in the group and he hasn’t experienced the water yet so he tries to climb the ladder, but before he can the other monkeys in the group grab him viciously and pull him down so they don’t all get sprayed.

How relevant of a metaphor is this for real-life? “Oh, that can’t be done” or “That’s not realistic” or just people flat out thinking you’re weird for coming up with a new way to do something. Their false limitations as a society suddenly become your personal limitations, sometimes even unconsciously, so challenge ALL assumptions, even the ones where you feel most insane, where you really start to wonder….”Am I the crazy one?”

If you’re not having those doubts then you’re stuck in the matrix of mass culture, and you need to find a way to retrain yourself to climb the ladder no matter who tries pulling you down, or tells you not to!

Always climb the ladder…

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