Problems—–> Opportunities

This probably sounds like a woo-woo, hokey, nonsensical, motivational-esque idea, but it’s very practical.

I read somewhere to simply take three problems from your life everyday, for an entire year, and jot them down followed by how they could be leveraged into a new opportunity, previously unseen.

And the first 15 days may be easy: traffic, annoying co-worker, but as the days go on it gets harder and harder to find the problems, because some of the problems in your life you don’t even perceive, you’ve just accepted them as the way things are, and that it’s not a problem, but once you change your thinking by actively looking for problems, you start seeing more and this isn’t negative, here’s why.

They become gold mines! I cherish problems because now my brain is primed to think of opportunities to solve them and that’s the second part to this equation, you have to go back and brainstorm ideas on how to solve them (don’t sweat over being correct, just go through the process of trying to rethink that situation.)

I’ll give you an example. I just moved into my new apartment and Comcast didn’t show up to install my internet, usually I would be irritated because I need WiFi for tons of stuff, but with my new approach, my brain automatically started shuffling for ideas without even consciously thinking about it, as I lay there, BOOM idea magic and I thought we have Uber, we have AirBnB, but what about “WeFi” where a neighbor (especially in apartments) can agree when they sign up for their WiFi to allow new people who move in to use their wifi and they get a discounted monthly rate, so as soon as you move in you have WiFi until it’s set up, I would 100% go with that company over the one who didn’t offer that. Those 2-4 days without WiFi are frustrating and to have it as soon as you walk in the door would be magical, seems silly and it may be, but it doesn’t matter, because it’s all about the practice, not the actual idea, and now my brain perceives pain through problems and turns it right into ideas.

I’ve changed how my brain operates.

Change yours, it makes life more enjoyable & exciting.

Now, if something goes well you win, if something goes bad, then you still win and most times on a larger scale.

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