Pleasure In The Memory of Pain

We always remember the bad times that we made it through.

Those dark nights, the nights without an ounce of hope….

“We’ll never it make it through this” our brain tells us, “this will be the end of life as I used to know it.”

“If only I could get through this, I swear I would be happy”

“Just get me through this, I’ll change my entire life”

We beckon to the sky for any relief we can try to find.

We’re too scared to cry, we’re too sad to think.

We’re in the darkness of the world, the real place where real people suffer seemingly endlessly.

Motivation, other people’s words, other people’s promises, our own positive thoughts however fleeting all tell us it will be okay, one day this won’t be here, this will be paradise, but nothing inside of us really ever believes it.

How in the world do we make it though these hells that exist throughout our lives?

There’s nothing comparable to being in one of these moments, I wish no one had to go through them…

My mom, my grandma, my uncle, my enemies, and myself….I wish it on none.

But rent is due, rent must be paid in full, and life, if it’s to be lived fully, requires suffering.

There is no joy, there is no peace, there is no love without it.

We cannot experience A without experiencing Z.

There is no meaning to number 1 without number 100.

And paradoxically the more suffering we experience, the more love we’re capable of feeling, the more peace we can cultivate.

Only those who’ve been tested can say with confidence that they’re prepared.

I wish suffering didn’t exist, but without it, life would cease to be life.

We would cease to yearn to grow as humans, we would cease to want to learn what we are, who we are, where we came from, where we’re going, and the best way to exist while we live on this planet.

Suffering is as necessary as air, I wish it weren’t true, but once you go through a few battles you accept it, albeit it with a grim smile, but you accept it, and understand the tremendous power suffering has on your growth through life.

The anxieties, the worries, the sadness, the dark times, instead of asking “why me?” we should instead be thankful & realize the important purpose it plays, keeping our self-awareness in the heat of the moment and although it may be painful now, thinking back to past difficulties, we smile, understanding what it did for us in the long run.

Embrace the pain.

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