Would Rather See You Fail

I honestly would..

This isn’t me glorifying failure by any means.

Failure is not an inherently ‘good’ thing when compared to success.

But when compared to the capital f FEAR, the big FEAR in our lives’, the fear of failure, the fear of even trying, failure is the best thing in the known universe, compared to that.

And here’s the kicker: in order to reach success, you usually have to meet some form of failure and then try again, meet some failure and then try again then eventually you succeed.

Well if we eventually succeed, then why isn’t everyone successful? Because their mind tricked them. Their mind whispered in their ever-too-eager to listen ear that “It’s not for you, man.” And doubt, anxiety, fear creep in and we’re forced to give up. Giving up, in that moment, feels better than facing failure, and more importantly the fear of embarrassing ourselves to the people around us, thinking in our heads “What will Jamie or Christie say?”

And we shrink away. Shrink away from all risk in our lives’ until we reach this comfy area that can’t hurt us, a ‘nerf-afied’ world, which feels good in the moment, but hurts like a bitch in the long-run when you look back and regret letting others feelings dictate your own feelings and decisions of what you should do for YOUR life.

Would rather see you fail than not try, would rather see you embarrassed now, than regretful later when the clock can’t go back.

Hope this is the permission you need to embarrass yourself until the day you leave here.

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