There Is No Magic Besides The Magic of Showing Up

How did Jerry Seinfeld get really good at comedy? He just did it every single day. For awhile he was pretty terrible, but he knew, if he just kept showing up to do comedy and wrote material, one day he could be good.

How did Pablo Picasso change the art world? By showing up to make art every single day. A lot of his art was considered lousy, but it’s the simple law of numbers that if you paint enough, eventually some might be pretty good.

How does anyone do anything? They just do the work, day after day.

If you want to have a shot at being a famous writer, just write everyday. Most of your writing will be horrible, but eventually some will be pretty good and maybe even outstanding.

If you want to get a shot at making it big in music, then play everyday. Most of your songs will never see the light of the day, but you keep making music and recording hundreds of albums, guess what has a good chance of happening? One, maybe two, maybe 10 will be huge albums out of a possible 200 albums. Work, upload, work, upload.

There is no magic besides the magic of showing up.

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