Listening Carefully Is So Rare

People love to be listened to.

To be really listened to.

It feels so good, because so few people do.

They nod their head and pretend their listening, as they actually just wait until you shut up so they can say what they want to say.

If you can learn the skill of carefully listening, others will teach you so much, they will open up more, and they will appreciate your relationship a lot.

It’s hard in the beginning, but with anything, it gets better the more you practice.

Let others speak more, ask questions you’re sincerely interested in, and you’ll find it’s actually immensely pleasurable once you become a good listener, it’s like you have your own personal storytellers anytime you want, and it feels good for the other person to have someone listen to them.

Make this a practice of yours and it will pay the highest dividends you could ever ask for.

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