What Am I Not Seeing Right Now?

We look at others and think “wow, they’re oblivious.”

But never do the same to ourselves, because of course it’s very hard when you live inside of yourself.

Proving to you that you’re missing a lot going on around you right is very easy.

Look at an old photo of yourself, and you’ll be embarrassed by how you look.

Look at something you wrote years ago and you’ll be embarrassed by how naive you were.

Now do you really think, suddenly in this moment, you’ve reached the pinnacle of what you are to become? Of course not.

So here’s a quick exercise: Just as you looked at old photos of yourself & old things you wrote, now do the same with how you look & think right now in the present moment…..but do this with the mind of yourself ten years into the future and try to see where your future self might be embarrassed by the things you’re doing right now.

Then fix those things sooner than later….this will let you progress twice as fast as normal.

It’s like you’re a mystic reporting to your present self from your future self.

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