Pick A Really Hard Problem

Most projects simply lack audaciousness.

They want to sell protein bars or hair gummies for women filled with sugar by paying Kim Kardashian to post on Instagram.

Or they sell something a thousand other people sell.

That’s not enough in today’s world.

I think it’s perfectly fine to start there, to say, sell nootropics for brain health & focus in the short-term, but you need to pick a really hard problem for the long-term.

You have to have a goal of “safely eliminating sleep” as your grand vision.

Or developing technology to be able to upload knowledge from one person’s brain to the other person’s, if someone is a black belt in jiu-jitsu, the other person will be able to buy his skill for $20,000 etc.

And you convey this message and your plan to get there.

You tell them this is how you are funding that project, and of course the current nootropic product still has to be the best in the market, beyond amazing, but they also see the really hard problem you’re taking on, they see the man or woman who wants to change the world.

If you simply sell protein powder, or almonds, it’s going to be a tough time, because anyone can do that…what’s the point?

Of course this applies to art, music, parenting, law, why do what is already being done? You’ve made yourself a commodity…

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