Give Yourself Time To Think

Most of us are like a person in a room that’s super close to the TV, our face almost touching the screen.

And every time something happens, it scares the shit out of us because we’re so close. We don’t even realize we’re in a room because our entire vision is immersed in the TV.

Someone taps us on the shoulder and we look at them, then look around and realize we’re in a room. Then we take a step back and now the TV is only one part of our perception.

That tap on the shoulder is the equivalent to giving ourselves time to think.

When we’re so caught up in the moment, we can’t see the whole room, and our lives end up being reactive. We merely begin to react to what’s going on around us and only respond to that as opposed to taking a step back and seeing the entire selection of possibilities available to us.

Most of us will end up living a good portion of our lives’ just way too close to the TV, but if we went for a walk, meditated, or simply got in a car for a nice drive, we would be able to take a step back and see everything going on.

Give yourself time to think and stop getting caught in that reactive state, remind yourself that you’re just too close to the TV.

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