Re-Inventing Yourself

At times, people rightly feel compelled to ‘re-invent’ themselves, but they’re not usually quite sure how to do so.

The easiest way: learn something new.

If you’re a business person who’s looking at reinvention, take up painting.

If you’re a retired teacher who’s looking at reinvention, start writing daily.

If you’re a person in the middle of their career unsatisfied with what you’re doing, start studying psychology or design or a new language…

And if you’re 85 years old right now and you think “it’s too late” you’re sadly mistaken as my grandfather is learning Mandarin as we speak…

When we stop reinventing ourselves, when we stop chartering down new paths thinking “it’s not for me anymore” that’s when we most need a re-invention.

It will seem daunting at first, you’re already so busy, where will you find the time, the energy, the motivation?!

It’s all about momentum….the beginning is the hardest, but after those first 60-90 days you’re so into the process that it gets easier and easier.

And lastly, try a bunch of things, the first new thing you try to learn may not be for you, just give it adequate time (60 days or so) and if you’re still not liking it, move on to the next thing.

Re-inventing yourself on an on-going basis is necessary for your mental health.

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