Make Interesting To-Do Lists

Sit down every so often and just get a pencil and paper and write some ideas of what you’d like to do.

My most recent:

-Make healthy edible balloons

-Find custom jean maker to make cool jeans so that I can kick off that project idea of bringing people customized jeans. 

-Start an ant farm. Like get a bunch of ants in some form of container (large container) and build like a crazy ant world.

-Learn to cook delicious food with the healthy ingredients I eat.

-Go to New Orleans.

-Go to art museums.

-Design a bed that you go inside of.

-Learn to dance like Lil’ Buck

-Go fishing, then cook the fish

-Go to Tokyo then to old villages in Japan.

-Go to friend’s ranch in Texas to hunt wild boar.

-Get a piano teacher.

-Launch a cool water bottle company.

-Continue working on listening more than speaking

-Launch ‘build-ur-own’ nootropic (brain supplement) kits.

-Design my own furniture

-Learn 3-D Printing

-Learn more about Sensors

-Spend time with plants in a greenhouse.

-Launch a creative workspace that’s ten times better than Starbucks.

-Learn sculpture

-Buy a continuous glucose monitor

-Do something that makes me feel nervous

-Learn Spanish

-Walk along the canal right before sunrise with a coconut milk cappuccino and a podcast.

-Be so so so grateful for what I have right now.

-Invest in someone younger than me and try to give them the lessons I have at 21 that they could use at 15-16 in a way that won’t come off preachy.

-Text an old friend I miss.

–Make things right with someone that I need to.

-Go rock-climbing.

-Help solve a local hunger problem.

Of course, I can’t do all of these things right now, but the act of writing out a list of interesting things to-do inevitably brings more interestingness into your life. 

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