Try To Question Everything

Make a habit out of asking yourself:

“is this the right way to do this or could I knock down this entire system and rebuild it better?”

In my apartment complex, just like many others, we have to get our dirty trash and boxes, take them all the way down the stairs, load them into our clean cars and then drive it to a dumpster…..

My brain STARTED FIRING, this is NOT the right way to do this, their system is so flawed.

Now I’m going to create a simple site, charge $10 per week and take out people’s trash for them twice a week, that’s $40/month maybe get 500 clients that’s $20,000 a month, now I’m making a profit for living here.

But you only get these ideas when you make a practice out of questioning all the things around you and figuring out when things need to be broken and re-made a whole lot better.

Starbucks is another example. 

What can you break and re-build better?

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