Do something that people will spread

People put all this effort into a project, and then they’re upset when the project doesn’t spread.

From the beginning, you should have an inclination if what you’re doing has the probability of being spread.

If I started a coffee delivery service right now in a city, that would spread. Because it’s spread worthy among coffee-lovers who have never experienced coffee delivery before. It’s new, no one else is offering it, and it fits within a niche audience (super coffee lovers who are busy.)

If I started a clothing rental service where each week you got a box of clothes personally styled for you and each week you placed the dirty clothes in another box to be picked up, it would spread. Because again, it’s a new idea, it’s never been done and it isn’t being done by anyone else. And lastly it fits within a niche audience of people (you could start with gym clothes, or street wear etc.). A niche within a niche of people who really care about a certain group of clothes.

If someone was able to build a “meal in a pill” with calories and nutrition, it would spread like wildfire. Because people have been freaking out about this idea for over 100 years, and it’s never been done, there is no competition, and you could easily find your niche’s of people whether bodybuilders who hate eating 6 meals a day, or busy professionals who want to skip breakfast but still feel good, or older people who just don’t have that big of an appetite.

I know the last one is a bit crazy, but you get the point.

If you want your project to spread, you have to make what no one else is making, what hasn’t been done before in this unique way, and find your core niche group of people.

Or else you’ll have to spend so much on advertising that it won’t make sense to launch that idea.

Stop trying to spread your idea, and instead just start a spread-worthy idea that spreads itself.

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