With or without compromise

An idea starts out on the edge, say recreating Starbucks into a creativity cafe!

The idea starts out like: we’ll have more than coffee, like Nootropic Brain Enhancing Drinks, we’ll have personal creativity pods, we’ll have saunas and cold plunges to refresh your brain after awhile, and we’ll offer delivery from an app within 30 minutes of ordering via a tight logistics plan using food trucks parked at various points and delivery people with e-scooters!

The branding will be super funky and creative (not for everybody!)

But then the idea starts to get put into action and suddenly the saunas inside the cafe are against regulations, or cost too much money. It’s “impossible” to deliver within 30 minutes, maybe we can do an hour or 90 minutes. The branding is a little “too much” maybe we should tone it down a bit as not to alienate certain customers.

Inevitably the compromise version, the one you thought was “playing it safe” wasn’t safe at all and it fails because someone came along who was willing to not compromise, to have an edgy idea, dance with the fear and stay out on the edges.

With….or without compromise?

The one you think is safe is actually risky and the one you think is risky is actually safe.


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