In today’s world I feel like we’re not allowed to treat women like women anymore.

I want the positive things for women too.

To be treated equally, to have wildly successful careers, to pursue creative adventures, to start businesses, to not feel like every moment of the day they have to be haunted with insecurity about their appearance.

But I also like some things that are more ‘traditional’ about the treatment of women.

I like opening the car door for them, or protecting them, or buying them something.

I know some women find this offensive, and that they don’t “need a man to care for them” but it’s not about ‘needing.’

I grew up cherishing women, taught that women were something special, something that held a deeper place in a man’s heart, and we did special sacrifices for them that we wouldn’t for another man.

To this day, when I interact with a woman versus a man it’s completely different. I naturally feel this gentleness, this calling to immediately be kinder, to be warmer, not because I think they’re some frail being, but because of how special they are.

I don’t think I can put it into the right words, but in my heart I feel this calling to put a lot more care into my interactions with them.

I listen more deeply, I take what they say more seriously, and I ask for their advice more often.

What I’m trying to say is I want to live in a world where woman have all the progressive rights the feminist movement stands for: equal rights as men, equal respect of their opinion, equal opportunities in career, creative, and business settings, but with that I would still like to treat women differently than I do men, not because I think they need any special help, but because women mean something special to me, something completely different to me and I wouldn’t be honoring them if I treated them the same as I do men.

This post was a lot different than my usual, but I had a great conversation with a friend earlier and when I sat down to write, the idea came right to mind, thanks Aussie!

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