Why are children so interesting?

They haven’t yet learned what not to say or think.

Children value their genius; whereas adults feel anxiety about theirs.

Genius is that original inner voice that most adults have lost touch with for fear of being thought weird or different and have conditioned themselves and also let others condition them to think what is appropriate to think.

We can reclaim our own genius through taking our own ideas more seriously.

The inner thoughts that we typically banish from our mind, we let stay a little longer to examine.

Meditation can help with this, reading books, especially fiction can show us other ways of living, and traveling even to other nearby cities can show us what we thought to be the inherent “truth” was merely just a localized opinion.

Lastly, I would suggest looking at everything you interact with in your life and considering how these things could be different.

It takes work to begin to see your deeper, real thoughts and feelings again, but even more it requires a lot of courage to not give them up when others around you don’t immediately understand them.

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