Mean doesn’t exist

The definition of mean: “not kind to people: cruel or harsh.”

I would love to change it to: “the way someone who is unhappy treats others.”

People aren’t mean, they are unhappy, so they act mean.

No one who is actually happy wants to make another person unhappy.

Maybe they’ve been hurt bad before and the only way they can make themselves feel good is to hurt others.

Maybe when they were children or at home right now they don’t get enough attention so they’ll say or do anything just so someone will listen to them.

Mean people are sad, frightened, and lonely, the answer isn’t to be mean back, but to understand the reason they’re being mean isn’t because of anything you did, and only because of what they feel inside.

Making someone else feel bad inside like they do gives them a feeling they’re not alone, and actually makes them feel better.

What we can do is try to make them less afraid, less sad, and less lonely, but it doesn’t always work out, and sometimes if they won’t let us help them, we have to move on and realize no matter the excuse of why they’re being mean it still isn’t right.

Understand them, try to help them, and after awhile if they’re still being mean, sometimes you have to say goodbye.

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