Only our own shadow

There were two groups of men who went to a bar.

The one group of guys were a bit insecure, very proud men, always ready to defend their honor.

They noticed a group of girls across the bar giggling and staring at them, they immediately felt like they were being laughed at so they turned around, angrily and embarrassed wondering aloud to each other why the girls were making fun of them.

The second group of guys happened to see the same girls later in the night, who again we’re giggling and staring now at these guys, these guys were a little more laid back, never taking themselves too seriously and they started laughing too, suddenly the girls were even happier and came over to talk.

The second group of guys eventually asked: “why were you girls laughing at us earlier?”

The girls responded that it was their way of approaching the guys who weren’t noticing them, a way to sort of entice them.

If only the first group of guys knew….

Two ways of seeing the same situation.

As Emerson said “every evil and good thing is a shadow which we cast. The street is full of humiliation to the proud.”

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