You can never be bored

If you clear all the cookies out of your brain and just live fully in the moment, you’ll never be bored…

As you walk, you see the trees moving in the wind and it feels like they’re actually talking to you, a thought you should never share with anyone, but regardless is interesting.

You see the squirrels all together munching on something, wondering what they’re saying about you or if that Rick & Morty episode had some truth to it. 

A car whizzes by and some guy looks angry, beeping at the person in front of him, you ask yourself “what must he be going through?” Maybe he’s sick, or his wife is upset with him, or he’s worried about that big project at work.

You grab lunch with a friend, and you see your waitress come out, and think “does she like this job, are people rude to her?” Your plate of food comes out: branzino with a plate of vegetables, you begin to think of this fish swimming somewhere, living her life, and now she’s on the plate. The vegetables were grown somewhere by a farmer, what’s his family like, what does his day look like?

There’s all these things going on right in front of us, but too often we’re distracted, worried, caught up somewhere else so we only see a waitress and a plate of fish as opposed to these really interesting stories connected to everything around us.

It’s challenging to do, but trying to stay in the moment and thinking a little deeper about the things around you makes life so much more interesting.

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