How to have an art show

You see painters, sculptors, etc all doing the same thing.

Find a gallery or have them find you, hang up your work, play some cool music and that’s pretty much it.

But they’re pretty boring.

There’s nothing to do.

We know we mainly go out to restaurants & bars to talk and hang out, but we need an excuse to be there, a “side” thing to be doing as we enjoy the conversation (eating) well we need the same thing while seeing art.

We need to make it a cultural event that people (beyond just a small niche) wants to go attend, like a concert is today.

I want to have an art show for my paintings, and sculptures, but I don’t want to have it at a gallery anymore.

I want to rent my own place instead, and do something like this:

*A trained monkey doing drawings and paintings.

*I’ll be painting girls like this (my instagram.)

*Mr Rodgers impersonator reading by one of those fake fireplaces.

*A giant squid in the middle of the room.

*Giant TV screen playing curb your enthusiasm on mute.

*Asian ladies serving beef bao, Korean meatballs on stick and other ones serving noodles in take-out cartons very fanciful Asian lady’s half in red dresses, the other half in tuxedos.

*Shots of saturated fat and caffeine to stimulate you as you walk in. Those two together make your body feel so weird. Coconut oil caffeine.

*Little lab puppies yellow ones.

*Black Tie affair. Not admitted otherwise.

*Basketball game like at chuckie cheese but one that goes far and you can play well

*A giant blow up pool, where we stock it with invasive species of fish so you can go fishing

*A fire pit for roasting marshmallows and all the supplies.

*Weird tables to sit at and eat/talk/rest.

*Drawing/painting wall where we ask you to pick up some paint or markers and draw something.

*And of course, incredible music.

Think in terms of like a carnival: you have all these things to eat, games to play etc. all while taking in exciting art.

This is just the first show. It will change every time.

We need a new model for the art show, one that has people talking about it weeks in advance like they do a concert or other cultural event.

Huge value accrues to the few able to actually do a thing for the very first time, and it’s that time.

And lastly…

How do you disrupt an entire system and make a ruckus?

Seth Godin says “give away what used to be expensive and charge for something else.”

The experience will be like $50-100 for certain tiers, and the art (which is usually sold very expensively) will be given away for free based on raffle via your event ticket.

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