The future of Tinder

If we’re being honest, we realize that Tinder isn’t for dating or long-term relationships, but in reality, it’s for hooking up (of course there are exceptions.)

Right now it operates based upon if you’re attracted to a person or not, and some trivial small-talk to see if there’s an emotional connection, but why doesn’t it also have sexual preferences?

By sexual preferences, I mean specific things you like in bed, because of course no matter how odd you think the things you like are, there are people with the same preferences.

Let’s say you’re mapping out what makes this experience enjoyable or not.

Physical attraction is a big part of the equation, emotional connection plays another large role, but I would argue sexual compatibility plays the largest, or at the very least, plays an equal role in determining if the experience is enjoyable.

So why is that not apart of Tinder or any similar app’s equation?

It’s too taboo right now, because as much as we think we’re open about sex, we’re still very hesitant to mention anything specific about it.

But just as things that were taboo 5-10 years ago are completely boring and normal today, this will follow the same trajectory.

It’s always interesting to look at any activity/product/service that exists today and to think about what the best experience would be, and usually you’ll find out it’s pretty different from what’s being offered today…

The feature that’s missing is always pretty obvious, they just can’t quite offer it yet because they’re afraid of the potential backlash.

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