“Go around”

When I was a kid my friends would come over, but our front door was always locked, so I would say “go around” and then they would come in the side door.

The other day, as I was describing the process of solving a problem to someone, I told them sometimes you have to “go around” and it clicked!

There’s always the clear way in, the path that everyone else always takes, but that door is usually locked, sometimes not, but mostly so….then there’s always the side door, it takes a little more craftiness, resourcefulness, and effort but that door is always unlocked.

So if you can’t find the romantic partner you want, don’t have the connections or money to start a business, don’t have the time to learn the new skill you want to, don’t have the happiness you want, you should stop banging on the locked front door that no one’s been opening and instead find your way to the side door that’s been unlocked the whole time.

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