Stop looking for the shortcuts

And seek out the long viable path instead.

People will come to me and ask how they can grow their business in the next month, I tell them they can’t.

Because the next month depends on what they did the last six.

Don’t worry about Instagram or Facebook’s algorithms and instead worry about putting out pictures, videos, and words that are actually meaningful. (*Meaningful= extremely educational or entertaining.

Don’t think about how to temporarily inflate sales with tons of ads, and instead start a podcast for your brand.

Don’t think about how to get some influencer with 5 million followers to post your product, instead make videos everyday, write blog posts everyday and get people to know the people behind the product/service so they can, with time, trust you as much as they trust their friends, because you’ll have become a friend.

Don’t think about how to get some great press on Entrepreneur or Vogue or GQ and instead just make really interesting, unique, and a bit quirky products that will make your customers RAVE with excitement.

This is how you build a real company: trust in your brand, value delivered to customers, consistency in all that you do, and WOW-worthy products.

Because I promise you the short way is the long way, and the long way is always the short way…

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