Anima and animus

Carl Jung called the unconscious repressed feminine part of men anima, and he called the unconscious repressed masculine part of women animus.

In our daily lives it is so deeply buried we don’t have access to it, but it’s there.

But once we become interested in someone from the opposite sex, the anima or animus awakens.

Of course there is physical attraction at play, but more than often there’s something about the person that you can’t quite put your finger on, they just have something that compels you.

So what we try to do is pair up with a partner who outwardly shows our inner repressed selves.

If we’re a bit overly aggressive, we might be attracted to softer more empathetic people because repressed in us is the desire to be more like that.

If we’re a bit quiet and timid, we might be attracted to more like confident sort of brash people because that side of ourselves is repressed, yearning to come out.

But what you really want to do is “integrate the shadow” as Carl Jung said and become a full person by learning to see what’s repressed in us by looking at these traits we’re compelled by in others and don’t see in ourselves, then realizing we have the power to bring them out ourselves.

Look over your relationships or the people who’ve fascinated you in some way and you begin to see some patterns in the people you’ve been attracted by,

Then look at your own personality and see the more empathic traits you show.

Once you do that, you’ve found out what’s repressed in you and what you need to bring out in yourself become a complete being.

Only then will relationships greatly enhance your life, because you’re not bringing someone else in to complete you, you’ve already completed yourself, they’re merely someone to enjoy life and make progress with…

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