How to memorize everything you read

Turn reading into writing.

I read mostly physical books, but I do e-books as well.

When reading physical books, I have a pen and stickie notes or I just fold the pages and anytime something stands out to me I underline it, and when reading e-books I’ll copy and paste into my iPad notes or highlight in the book.

I finish reading the book or quit it if it’s not doing anything for me, regardless I at least have a few notes from the book.

Most mornings after breakfast I write for a bit and how I get most of my ideas is I pull out these books, go through the underlined parts and the ones that still resonate with me, I think about, then apply them to my own life and write a post about them.

This concept, taking your reading, and turning it into writing is literally more powerful than reading a book 10 times.

Take the extra time you would’ve spent reading and do this instead because it isn’t about how many books you read, but by what information you absorb, can organize, and readily pull from.

There’s no better way to do that than through writing.

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