Life is just a series of challenges to be solved

You have to see the fun in it, not begrudge it. 

It’s fun! But most people see it as pain. 

A challenge is presented to you, it feels like a problem that you’re not sure how to solve so you either get anxious or depressed depending on your personality. 

The entire experience changes once you see it differently:

Life is a jungle, you’re making your way from one side across to the other and along the way these challenges are presented to you.

It starts with your own attitude do you get angry or victimized when these challenges occur or do you understand viscerally that you have the power to solve them?

Then you have to realize that you can’t solve all the challenges of life on your own so you have to find your team of experts to help navigate you across waters you’re unsure of, benefiting from their years of experience. 

Next, there is trust, the solutions the experts work out with you don’t immediately work sometimes or sometimes you need a completely new solution. If you quit and lose hope because something didn’t work the first time, you’ll never make it across. 

That brings us to an open-mind. Even though you involve experts, you still have to keep an open-mind to try 10 different solutions to eventually solve your problem,  or even speak to a completely new expert in some cases. 

Last is consistency. Even when there’s no problems you still have to practice the good habits you’ve learned from solving previous problems so you don’t revert back to average. 

The right attitude, finding the experts that can assist you, trusting them and yourself, an open-mind that’s willing to experiment and learn regardless of short-term failures or setbacks, and a character that is consistently acting out the right habits even when you’re not in the midst of needing them. 

Suddenly you begin to process life’s challenges in a completely new way that you’d never imagined previously. 

While still challenging and at times difficult, now they become fun like playing any sport. 

Life changes forever when you see the world in this way. 

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