I could teach any kid to make a million dollars

My school would consist of:

1.Daily Meditation and Spirituality class to learn self-awareness and that the only thing that can actually bring them happiness is themselves, inside. The money or a perfect family or the acceptance of the peers can never bring lasting fulfillment. 

2. Every student keeping a daily blog. They just have to write for 30 minutes daily.

3. Every student reads anything of their choice for 1 hour daily. Broken down into two 30-minute increments. 

4. Every student does 10-ideas a day. 20 minutes. 

5. Science class is based upon coming up with problems that affect a lot of people and then inventing solutions for them and eventually building a prototype to present, that’s what their entire grade is based upon.

6. Accounting/Finance course. Boring but we find interesting ways to do it. Collaborating with the kids. 

7. Art class. Students draw and paint and design things. Judge purely based on how many they make, not “quality.”

8. Self-Defense. Has nothing to directly do with money, but has everything to do with confidence. 

9. Sales. Teach them the masters and then have them to live situations and actually go try to sell things, speak about what they learned afterwards etc. 

10. Business Class. People who’ve actually built successful businesses come in and teach them the components of a successful business the first half of the year, the second half of the year they launch their own.

11. Nutrition & Proper Exercise. Bring in incredible chefs and show them to make things that are MIND-BLOWINGLY delicious and easy to make, helping them avoid sugar. Teach them to launch products that taste just as good as the gross soda’s they might be consuming, and help themselves and their classmates…..and make money in the process with the right branding. Teach them proper fundamentals of actually working out their body without getting hurt, etc.

Once I reach enough money in the next couple of years, I need to open my first school. I feel so compelled to teach kids K-12 what I wish I was taught then. 

I could’ve saved a lot of time, pain, confusion etc. 

It’s a calling I have. 

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