Virtual Reality Books

Books are great. Someone lives an entire life and then puts that experience into 4 or 5 hours for your convenience.

As Bismarck taught us “fools prefer to learn by their own mistakes, I prefer to learn from the mistakes of others.” This is exactly what books do for us.

There’s one problem though; books aren’t visceral. The reason life experience is so powerful is because you emotionally feel the consequences of a good or bad decision and it sticks with you.

I remember my first experience with virtual reality, walking across a tightrope, I got half way between two buildings and I panicked….I couldn’t take a step further! I was in my living room, but my brain didn’t know this and it sent the fear response as if I was actually on the tightrope.

My brother came and I had him do the same thing, thinking this was just me, he had the same reaction!

The lightbulb went off; if we could take the incredible wisdom from books, marry it with the visceral connection of virtual reality we could truly change the world. It would be almost inseparable from your own actual life experience.

A business book showing you how to hire someone properly, or fire someone, or raise money, or run operations, or find product market fit talking to customers.

Robert Greene’s Laws of Human Nature teaching you how to handle yourself and others, the deep wiring that moves us as humans no longer just words on the paper, but actual lived experience!

The future of education is no longer just words on the paper, but experience you get to live without the costs of making your own mistakes!

This will be as big as the invention of books themselves…..bigger because we no longer need the printing press; the printing press is built into the machine with scalable tech!

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