The place to get free money

You think I’m crazy, but we’re all welcome to get our own share of free money.

You aren’t subject to the whims of the government,

You mustn’t rely on any charity or rich individuals,

It only requires you.

Free money is found inside books. How?

Ideas. I’ve never chased after money, but have come up with interesting ideas (found through reading books and blogs) and then the money has always followed.

And for a person just starting out, or without much money, books can become their greatest source of capital.

Read them and you literally get free money.

Ideas to solve problems, start businesses, or create new forms of art.

Skills learned through unique insights and worldviews presented in the book,

And of course ideas of how to contact people and get the money you’re after in the first place! (Link to how to raise money)

Chase money by reading books,

Apply for your free money at the library.

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