Darkness to paradise in three steps

The first step is a good thought,

The second step is a good word,

The third step is a good deed.

Lacking money? Do 10 ideas for products or services you could make that solve a problem.

Talk those ideas through with other smart people you respect, how could you improve it, what should you get rid of? How would they market it? Then put together a list of action steps to take you from zero to finished.

Lastly; take the first action step and complete it in the real world.

Darkness to paradise financially in three steps.

Lacking love and connection?

Download Bumble, Tinder, and other friends/dating apps.

Start matching with people, and ask them interesting questions: what do they like to do, what excites them? They answer a few things, then you dive deeper into one of those things, you discuss that for awhile, then you ask them if they’ve ever traveled anywhere. They tell you and you learn all about that place, people enjoy talking about themselves and you’ll enjoy hearing about it once you get in this curious mindset.

Lastly; go on some dates or hangouts. Some will click; some won’t. Now you’ll have new friends or romantic partners.

Whatever you’re missing in your life, you can get without enough effort, just follow the three steps.

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